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Hey comment on my art please and let me know what you think i can do to improve

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I will soon be uploading new art incuding Toguro at 1% and 100% I hope you enjoy my new art.
DexterMcPherson and James Neutron by thefultzman
DexterMcPherson and James Neutron
Dexter McPherson

Dexter was born as a true genius. He grew up to a normal family and at very young age created his very own laboratory in which he kept hidden from his parents behind a secret bookcase. The only person who knows that he has a lab is Dee Dee . His parents at one point found out that Dexter has a lab, but that was during the attack of a giant monster, Dexter had to reveal it to them so that they can join him to stop the monster. After defeating the monster, Dexter erased their memories so that they will not remember. Dexter attends school and is at the top of his class with his studies and tests which made some of the other students jealous. At the age of sixteen Dexter was attending School with the powerpuff girls and fell in love with Blossom which prompted him to use himself as a test subject for an experimental gene splicing procedure this Gave him the genetics and powers of both an Asgaurdian and a Kryptonian.

Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 182lbs

Powers and Abilities:
Vast Superhuman Strength: Can lift over 4.8 septillion tons.
Healing factor:
Super Speed:
Immunity to Harmful Radiation:
Incredibly resistant to magic:
Heat Vision:
Microscopic Vision:
Telescopic Vision:
Super Hearing:
Sharp sense of Smell:
Super Breath:
Brilliant Mind:

James Neutron:

Bio: Jimmy is a genius inventor, but his inventions seem to cause more destruction than anything and it is usually up to him and his friends to stop them. He lives in Retroville with his robot dog, Goddard, who is named after Robert H. Goddard (a pioneer in modern rocketry) and his parents, Hugh, a bumbling car salesman and duck-lover, and Judy. He has an IQ of 210, making him the most intelligent resident of Retroville. At the age of 17 jams decided to enhance his physical abilities to be on par with his mental powers  so he spliced his DNA with that of an Asgaurdian and a Sayian.

Height: 6ft2

Powers and abilities:
Vast Superhuman Strength: can lift 12 trillion tons in his base form and 3.5septillion in his final transformed state
Chi Manipulation:
Super Speed:
Extreme Durability:
Enhanced Senses:
Great resistant to magic:
Resistant to radiation:

Leviathans of the deep by thefultzman
Leviathans of the deep
King Leviathan:

Bio: In the depths of the universes oceans and seas the whales known as Leviathans are unsurpassed in sized and strength, but none take it as far as the King  over four miles long and boasting and entire ecosystem on his back some sea going cultures used these beasts as a mobile base. Hundreds of different life forms use his back as a home from great trees to dinosaurs and even Kaiju use his back to get rest from time to time Animals from all over the world make this creatures back their home.

List of animals who Make the King Leviathans back their home: Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Wolves, American Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, ShortFaced Bear, African Elephant, Asian Elephant, Zebra, Triceratops, Apatosaurus , Mountain Rok , Gigantopithicus, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Wild Ass, Water Buffalo, Bison ,Saltwater Crocodile, Monitor Lizards, 3 toed tree Sloth, Giant Ground Sloth, Dodo, Spinosaurus, Vastosaurus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utah Raptor, Geese, Ducks, Sea galls, penguins, Boa constrictor, Pythons, Rattle snakes, Cobras, Green snakes, corn snakes, Mice, Rats, Porcupines, Opossums, Kangaroo,  Bats, Tropical Birds, River Dolphins, Ankylosaurus, Wolly Mammoth, Mastodon, Smilodon,  Hundreds of species of Freshwater fish.

Frequent Kaiju Visitors: Godzilla, Zilla, Titanosaurus, Mothra, Rodan , Gorgonzola & Gorgonzilla.

Flora: Various pine trees, Giant Redwood, Various Rainforest trees, Oaks, Maples, Apple, Orange, Pear, Plum, and other various fruit trees, Dozens of ferns, bushes, grasses and many other forms of plant life.

Intelligent Races Known to use it as home: Humans, Elves, Orks, Ogres, & fairies.

Forms of Prey: Other Whales, Kaiju, Giant Squids.

Length: 27,000 ft
Weight: 4,810,000tons

Powers and Abilities:

Great strength: Very Strong even for its size.
Force Field: A powerful energy shield sourounds the island on its back protecting the island on its back from the crushing pressure of the Oceans depths.
Amphibious nature: Can breathe under water and stay under forever but generally only spends 8 to 12 hours a day underwater generally during the night time to feed.
Immortal: Ageless and immune to all disease.

Mecha Leviathan:

Bio: No one Knows how this massive whale came to become a cyborg but many fear his great power and ferocity though he is far smaller than the King More people and creatures fear him due to his savage nature.

Weight: 1,100,000 tons

Leviathan Prime:

Bio: A massively powerful creature that is capable of fighting against almost any Kaiju with ease only Island monsters hold a candle to his power.

Length: 7,500ft
Weight: 104,000tons

Great Leviathan:

Bio: This is the most common Leviathan in the universe at least 5 are on every planet with great oceans and Tricona and Triton have very large populations of these behemoths. They feed on sharks and smaller whales.

Length: 1,000ft
Weight: 15,200 tons
Kimberly Tiffany and Morgana by thefultzman
Kimberly Tiffany and Morgana
Tiffany Susan Hoienhiem:

Bio:  Born February 16, 1988 and turned into a vampire on January 30th of 2015 she has several abnormal abilities. She was turned by the first Vampire of the twilight universe a man who goes by the name of Heracles yes the demigod of Greek myth and legend.


Powers and Abilities:
Superhuman Strength: Can lift over 31 tons
Superhuman Speed: Can run at speeds over 110mph
Limited Immortality: does not age and is incapable of catching disease or dying of natural causes.
Superhuman Durability: Is almost impossible to destroy only ripping them apart and burning them can kill them.
Leaping abilities: Is capable of leaping over 350ft.
Healing Factor: Can heal from any injury unlike normal twilight vampires she has a mutation allowing her to successfully breed with other vampires or humanoids and produce viable young this changing ability also allows her to heal from injuries caused by fire as long as the head is intact.
Animal Blood craving: Unlike other vampires the smell of human blood does not entice her but animal blood especially that of felines makes her hungry.
Unbreakable wing spikes: Wing spikes can break through any substance weaker than diamond.

Personality: Kind gentle and loving she helps anyone who needs it and loves mankind.

Tiffany Dawn Shultz (Corvinus):



Powers and abilities:
Superhuman Strength: Can lift over 22 tons (pure vampires are significantly weaker barely able to lift one ton where Lycans can lift 4 tons William was able to lift just over 7 tons).
Superhuman speed: Capable of running over 65mph and fly even faster.
Flight: Unlike most hybrids this 3rd child of Corvinus was born a hybrid and is stronger than either of her brothers.
Healing factor: Can heal almost instantaneously from any injury.
Limited Immortality: Ageless and incapable of getting sick only extreme injuries can kill her.
Infrared Vision: Can see heat she uses this ability when underground in the caverns.
Night vision: Can see perfectly in even he lowest levels of light.
Enhanced Hearing: Hearing is far stronger than any other animal on earth.
Heightened sense of smell: Sense of smell is equal to that of a canine.
Can feed on anything alive: Blood of any kind including other immortals.

Morgana Elvira Dracula:



Powers and Abilities:
Superhuman Strength: Can lift slightly over 25 tons
Superhuman Speed: Can run at over 111mph
Limited Immortality: Can only be killed by extended exposure to the sun.
Limited Shape shifting: Can shift forms to that of a humanoid bat and true vampire form.
Dark Vision: Can see perfectly even with no light.
Blood craving: Craves the blood of weaker immortals but can and will feed on lesser life forms.
I will soon be uploading new art incuding Toguro at 1% and 100% I hope you enjoy my new art.


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Rev. Scott Fultz
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United States
hey I'm a christian minister called into the lord's service since 2OO6. I'm also a musician and artist so check out my stuff when i can up load it I'll be uploading art much more often now. I hope you all enjoy my art and a glimpse into my soul for art is a look at the artists very soul. It honestly doesn't take long to get to know me but if u don't fully understand from my art ask me if you want to know more about me.

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